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Mounts2SD - All-in-one SD-Ext v2.2.0 Apk App

Mounts2SD - All-in-one SD-Ext v2.2.0
Mounts2SD - All-in-one SD-Ext v2.2.0

 This is ONLY for rooted phones with init.d support. SD-EXT has NOTHING to do with Android itself, but is a hack that operates behind in the linux sub-system. There is NO way to make this work on non-rooted phones with stock kernels.



 Mounts2SD is a customizable sd-ext control script that can be used to move content to and from the second sdcard partition known in Android as sd-ext. These scripts comes in many variants with different purposes. Mounts2SD has most of these, and more, build into one single script with and control App used to configure the script options and monitor the current state of each setting.

 In addition Mounts2SD is also the only script that has a bunch of safe guards build-in for almost any situation, making sure that when things go wrong, the script will adapt and try keeping your phone running 100% and try to make sure that data is not lost or corrupted.

 Current Script Version
 * 5.5.0

 XDA-Developers Link
 * If you get any issue with this App/Script, head over to the above thread and supply the app log and/or a logcat.

 Github Link

 Script Features
 * SWAP Support
 * Place Apps in /data and use them as System Apps
 * Move Apps to sd-ext
 * Move Dalvik-cache to sd-ext
 * Move Apps Data to sd-ext
 * Move Cache /data, /sd-ext or tmpfs
 * Able to revert any prev. options
 * Internal nand and sdcard optimization
 * Handles slow sdcards that takes time to initiate
 * Checks/Fixes the sd-ext partition during boot (Needs e2fsck)
 * Let's you use whatever linux filesystem supported by kernel
 * Revert the sd-ext & data mount points to use sd-ext as /data
 * Android Market 'Not enough space' fix
 * Checks available free space and folder sizes before moving content
 * Bunch of other safe-guards to avoid issues

 Application Feature
 * Automatic recovery script installation for whenever direct installation fails (For an example due to S-On Nand Secority)
 * Busybox Configuration option (With recovery fall-back for S-On devices)
 * Log Viewer (With Save-to-sdcard option)
 * Status Overview to monitor current configuration states
 * Configuration Overview from where you can configure any part of the scripts boot settings
 * Notifies you on boot whenever an issue was detected

 Depends On
 * The SuperUser Account (You need a rooted phone)
 * ROM with init.d support
 * Busybox

 * Root (SuperUser) is used when configuring busybox, installing the script into /system/etc/init.d and to write script configurations into /data/property
 * Reboot - The app will reboot the phone into recovery when installing the script on devices with S-On. When possible, toolbox is used for this. However not all toolbox versions support reboot. By default, Android does not allow regular apps to use the reboot option in the the power service, but some custom ROM's due support this. We use this whenever toolbox does not support reboot.
 * Boot Completed - Used to run some one-time configurations during boot and to alert the user off any issues. No service is started.
 * Vibrate - For the notification during boot
 * Write to external storage - Used to extract the script from the app resources and to copy the log to the sdcard when selected in the Log Viewer

 Partition Table Needed
 * 1: SDCard (The regular Fat32 partition)
 * 2: Sd-Ext
 * 3: SWAP (Optional)

 Please backup your /data partition before attempting to use this. Mounts2SD may come with many safe guards, but that does not mean that nothing can go wrong. Any usage of this App/Script is at your own risk.

 Whats New:
 Version 2.2.0
 * Added experimental full support for service versions of init.d (Safe-mode needs to be disabled in app)
 * Fixed optimizing wrong data partition when R-Mount is enabled
 * Encreased configuration loading speed by 90% or more


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