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CaroO Pro (Blackbox & OBD) v1.1.6 Apk Full App

CaroO Pro (Blackbox & OBD) v1.1.6
CaroO Pro (Blackbox & OBD) v1.1.6

 CaroO Pro Driving Recorder supports full pack of features including driving video recorder, video event recorder (aka vehicle blackbox) with collision detection, driving track recorder with GPS function, and car-diagnosis and monitoring with OBD-II device. You can use video event recorder function and car-monitoring function separately or together.

 Smart and Safe Driving with CaroO Pro Driving Recorder!

 You can check and save real-time vehicle data, trouble codes while you drive as well as high-quality video with your track. All these saved data will greatly help you in emergency situation like car accident, malfunction or breakdown.

 CaroO Pro Driving Recorder will be your smart and reliable safety guard while you drive. Enjoy your drive with CaroO Pro Driving Recorder!

 Special Offer Now!
 In order to celebrate worldwide release, we give a special offer of $2.2, half of normal price, for a month. From October 15, the prices will be back to the normal price, $4.4. Don’t miss this special offer!


 Video Event Recorder
 CaroO Pro Driving Recorder records full time video with recycling storage and with automatic or manual detection of emergency, event video files are separately saved. These event video files will be protected and not be deleted automatically.

 Background record supporting ICS and Jelly Bean devices even under sleep mode
 Normal video files with cyclic memory management
 Separate event video files when an event is detected (Automatic/Manual)
 Auto-adjust video quality (640x480, 720x480 or 1280x720)
 No audio data included because of the possible privacy issues
 Auto-detect external SD card for storage
 Record tracks using GPS data
 Display your current location and track on Google Map

 MyCar Monitor (Car Diagnosis & Monitoring)

 Check real-time vehicle data from ELM327 OBD-II device with Bluetooth connection
 Display vehicle speed, engine load, RPM, coolant temperature, etc
 Calculate and display max speed, average speed, etc
 Calculate and display fuel consumption, average fuel efficiency, best fuel efficiency, etc. (Gasoline Only)
 Select data and configure display by user preference
 Run car diagnosis and display DTC codes
 View detailed car sensor data

 File manager & Viewer

 Built-in file manager and data viewer
 Separate management of normal video files, event video files and track files
 Playback video and tracks with two display mode (map mode/video mode)

 User configurable options

 Turn on/off video recording or MyCar monitor separately
 Auto-start option during your driving
 Safety lock of user input while you are moving
 Select an app for quick launch

 Certified Devices
 CaroO Pro Driving Recorder supports most of smartphones with Android 2.3 or higher, but some phones might have some problems in its operation because this app uses lots of hardware resource of your smartphone. Before your purchase, please install and check the free version, CaroO Free Driving Recorder first.

 Officially certified devices include:

 Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and Note series (Android 4.0 or higher)
 Google Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.0 or higher)
 LG Optimus series (Android 4.0 or higher)
 HTC Sensation, EVO 4G, One series (Android 4.0 or higher)

 More devices will be added soon including Motorola Droid RAZR Series, etc.

 Language: English, Japanese, Korean

 What's in this version: (Updated : Feb 6, 2013)

 Change in auto-stop to terminating CaroO app
 Restore auto start recording option in manual app launch
 Improve auto-start detection using connection of charger
 Support "Continuous Recording Mode" on HTC One X series Jelly Bean devices
 Bug fixes reported from users


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