Wednesday, February 20, 2013

FaceLock Pro v2.7.7 Apk full Apps

FaceLock Pro v2.7.7
FaceLock Pro v2.7.7
Requirements: 2.3 and up, Rooted
Overview: With FaceLock for apps, get a better face unlock even on old 2.3 phones! FaceLock also lets you choose individual apps you want to protect. Your face is the key to unlock them.

 See our tips and FAQ for help on how to do a proper face training: A bad training can impair recognition or recognize other people.

 There are *NO ADVERTISEMENTS* in ANY version of FaceLock for apps.
 Pro version comes with all these features you'll love:
 - Lock as many apps as you want with your face
 - Lock screen replacement (like FACE UNLOCK) (experimental, lock screen might not work perfectly on all devices).
 - PATTERN lock is now available!
 - Set PIN, Pattern or password as alternative access method
 - More locking options, delayed lock
 - Hide notification, show icons in lock screen
 - Tasker plug-in
 - And we are working on even more features...

 About security: task manager, settings and market are protected so no one can kill or uninstall FaceLock out of the box. Face recognition is reliable and safe with the default settings. For recognition in difficult lighting you can train more images whenever you are not recognized. For increased security you can raise the security level. Tasker, Locale, EasyProfiles and Llama integration will be added in an upcoming update (we accept suggestions about it).

 By downloading this software you agree to the terms of the end-user license agreement:
 FaceLock Keywords: face unlock, gallery lock, face recognition, computer vision, visidon, face lock, gotya, applock, smart lock, msecure, cerberus, anti theft, find my phone, phone protection, phone locator, where is my droid, phone tracker

 What's in this version:
 2.7.5 Better compatibility with some apps and newest Android versions and bugfixes
 - Low lighting detection (2.7.6)
 - Aids for new users
 - Dutch translation (thanks to Jurriaan Roos)
Download Instructions:
 1. Install Google Play Installer
 2. Run 'Installer cracked GooglePlay' and choose 'Install and Reboot'
 3. Enable Internet.
 4. Install FaceLock Pro
 5. Run

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