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Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro v3.3.0 Apk full App

Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro v3.3.0
Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro v3.3.0
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Android's most popular Chinese dictionary - with handwriting recognition! Over 10,000 paid customers!

 Details on how to get Pro version (living in China?): http://goo.gl/YGonR

 If you come across any problems please contact us directly. This is much better than leaving a comment on Google Play Store because we can then ask follow-up questions.

 Pro version gives you:
 ★ Chinese handwriting recognition built in!
 ★ Mandarin audio* - over 2,200 audio files of a real native Chinese speaker (stored on SD card 7.7MB)
 ★ Homescreen Widgets (two sizes available) - flip through your favorite words from your homescreen
 ★ Multi-dictionary support - the superb ABC Chinese-English and ABC English-Chinese dictionaries (in-app purchases at extra cost)
 ★ No ads!

 Other features:
 ★ Search Hanzi / Chinese, Pinyin or English
 ★ Pinyin or Zhuyin (Bopomofo) pronunciation throughout
 ★ Both Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters supported
 ★ Live search - results update as-you-type
 ★ Progressive results - as you scroll down, progressively deeper searches are seamlessly performed
 ★ Enter long Chinese text in the search box and get instant Pinyinization as well as automatic vocab list
 ★ Offline access to all features (unless specified)
 ★ Starred words/phrases, Word lists, Search history
 ★ Custom search using wildcards
 ★ Clipboard support - copy Chinese from dictionary
 ★ Night mode (black background)
 ★ Quick Search Box support
 ★ Voice recognition (online only and only on supported devices)
 ★ Useful links to websites e.g. YellowBridge and nciku (online only)
 ★ Uses CC-CEDICT dictionary data (stored on SD card) and optionally (as in-app purchases) ABC Chinese-English and ABC English-Chinese dictionaries
 ★ Seamless integration with our Hanping Chinese OCR app (for camera-based character recognition)
 ★ Supports Move to SD card**

 * Note: audio does not seem to work on some Archos devices.
 ** Note: "Move to SD" conflicts with Widgets in that you can only have one or the other. Please read: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=8555

 IMPORTANT NOTE: Purchasing this app does NOT include the ABC dictionaries. For more details about these paid add-ons (which include the ABC Chinese-English Dictionary (200,000 Chinese headwords & 10,000 example sentences) and the ABC English-Chinese Dictionary (62,000 English headwords and 6,400 example sentences)), please read: http://embermitre.com/abc

 For Chinese character input via pinyin, use Google Pinyin IME.

 Note - if you are having problems downloading dictionary or audio data, please read this: http://goo.gl/Aj6r3

 Note - if many Chinese characters appear as empty square boxes, or if you would like to use a nicer Chinese font, please read this: http://goo.gl/0P1wu

 Internal memory usage: 12MB
 External/SD card usage: 34MB + 48.2MB(ABC CE Dictionary) + 12.9MB(ABC EC Dictionary)

 Please use the forum (see below) to report any bugs or suggestions.

 Blog: http://embermitre.com
 Forum: http://embermitre.com/hanping
 Twitter: http://twitter.com/embermitre

 What's in this version:
 ★ Lookup by radicals - the new Radicals screen can be accessed through the overflow menu (top right)
 ★ Handwriting screen - removed gPen logo, added history and improved long-press-on-character support
 ★ Added Google Image search and HanziCraft to external links
 ★ Minor bug fixes
 For more see: http://embermitre.com/?tag=whatsnew-hanping-ce-pro
 Ongoing promotion: 25% off ABC dictionaries (in-app purchases)

Download Instructions:

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