Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quickly Notification Shortcuts v.98 Apk Full App

Quickly Notification Shortcuts v.98
Quickly Notification Shortcuts v.98
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: One of Android Police's 55 best new apps for February!

 Quickly is a simple app that creates an ongoing notification in your notification drawer filled with up to 12 shortcuts to an application launcher or applications that you can configure.

 Once the notification is created, expand the notification to see the shortcuts.

 The nice thing about Quickly is that it never runs in the background, and the only system resource it uses is about 800kb for it's notification. It's lightweight and efficient and will remain that way.

 If you're using a Android 4.1 you will have to use a pinch-to-expand gesture to show the shortcuts when the notification is collapsed.

 "This addon uses pinch motions, not swipe motions. pinch from center to edge of notification area to get the shortcuts to display, and from edge to center to collapse it."

 What's in this version:
 v0.98 -- Revamp layouts again, much more sexy now. Allow for a shortcut to be an application launcher. Rewrite some logic to fix more nuances. Next step is icon chooser. Add 10" tablet layouts.
 v0.97.5 -- See:
 v0.97 -- Bug fix. If you have problems with Quickly not starting, quick toggle from OFF to ON. Fix layouts for chooser buttons, highlight on press. Resize icons properly now. Start implementing dialog for configurations.
Download Instructions: Released by Chathu_ac


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