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Android Tweaker (PRO) v3.0.1 Apk Full App

Android Tweaker (PRO) v3.0.1
Android Tweaker (PRO) v3.0.1
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview: From the developer of the ROM: Jellybam, we are happy to introduce Android Tweaker!

 Obviously, this application requires root permissions to work properly!

 With this simple app you can add several tweaks and mods to your Android OS, in fact, Android tweaker is compatible with all devices, kernel, Android versions (Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwitch and JellyBean) or custom ROM (CyanogenMod, MIUI, AOKP, JellyBam etc).

 Among the various features, we particularly emphasize the ability to fix your gps! in fact, Android Tweaker, contains the configuration servers for more than 80 countries for the all 5 continents;
 Also, the ability to improve your wifi, 3G and LTE signals, set the google dns that will allow you to re-enable all the website that are actually locked in your country!, and much more!

 Beautiful and comfortable interface allows you to enable various mods and navigate through the different tabs: performance, battery, network, audio, images, gps, kernel, tools and misc.

 What's more in the pro version:
 * Ad-Free
 * Auto system tuning (You can choose between: Battery profile, Balanced profile, Performance profile). This will touch only performance, battery, kernel and misc tab! Will leave at users other configs like GPS, Images and audio tweaks
 * VirtualMemory management scripts
 * LTE, EVDO_B, HSPA and HSDPA tweaks
 * IPV4 and TCP tune mods
 * Bravia engine v2
 * Audio quality and resampler hacks
 * Kernel optimizations tweaks
 * Super on tap Zipalign and SQL Defrag and optimization
 * Loopy smoothness
 * Init.d install on every devices/kernels

 Possible BUGs in pro version:
 * On applying auto tuning the system can freeze (NOT EVERY TIME). Manual reboot your device! The tweaks are applied (Looking into the issue)
 * On applying lot of tweaks by tapping faster on the checkbox can freeze the system (This is normal since every time you check a checkbox, the app itself ecex action on your device!) - Avoid it by waiting 2/3 secs between checking the tweaks
 Among the various "Work in progress" we will add soon a new tab with modifications to the camera and many new tweaks and mods that we already have in our hands!
 Be ready to receive lot of new features and improvements!

 What's in this version:
 * Fixed typo
 * Added french translation
Download Instructions:

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