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DigiCal+ Calendar & Widgets v0.8.0 Apk Full App

DigiCal+ Calendar & Widgets v0.8.0
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: Experience the most stylish Android calendar with Holo light and dark themes with 6 powerful calendar views and 4 beautifully designed widgets!

DigiCal is a stylish and easy to use calendar application that syncs all your appointment with Google Calendar. You can choose from six powerful calendar views (day, week, agenda, month, text month and list) in both portrait and landscape mode for an optimal user experience. Following the latest Android Holo Light and Dark theme, DigiCal is bringing the clean and intuitive user interface experience to smartphones and tablets running the Android versions 2.2 or higher. DigiCal also comes with four beautiful widgets (list, grid, day and day list).
DigiCal’s innovative features such as the smart action bar make it easy to edit, move, copy, paste and delete events. With our unique built-in location search, adding a location to your event has never been easier. All you need to do is type in the name of the place (cafe, store, park) and DigiCal will automatically look up the address and save it. With this feature, Google Now (Android 4.1+) knows where you’ll need to go. It’ll watch current traffic, plan your route and notify you when you should leave.
An event pop-up will appear with detailed information, when an event is selected in the day, week and agenda views, this allows you to easily go through all your events without the need of opening and closing the pop-up for every individual event. Gestures like pinch to zoom and swipe to navigate are also supported. For example, you can quickly go through the dates in all the calendar views by swiping left or right.
Discover how DigiCal can help you stay organized and become even more productive!
✓ Six unique calendar views (day, week, agenda, month, text month and list) including landscape mode
✓ Available in stylish Holo Dark and Light theme
✓ Four beautiful and fully customizable widgets (list, grid, day, day list).
✓ Stylish and intuitive user interface consistent with the Android Holo theme
✓ Fully compatible with any device running Android 2.2 or higher
✓ Smart action bar for quick editing, moving, copying, pasting and deleting events
✓ Built-in location search to quickly add locations to your events
✓ Support for Google Now (Android 4.1+), enabling it to notify you when it’s time to leave for your appointment by planning your route, checking traffic and calculating your travel time
✓ Event pop-up makes it easy to go through your individual events
✓ Gestures like pinch to zoom and swipe to navigate are supported
✓ Improved notifications with shortcuts for snooze, map and navigation
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