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HD Metallic Widgets R2 v5.1 Apk full App

HD Metallic Widgets R2 v5.1
HD Metallic Widgets R2 v5.1
Requirements: 2.1 and up
Overview: HD Metallic Widgets provides you a new elegant experience of home screen. This set of widget includes weather widget, digital clock widget, analog clock widget, battery widget and switches widget, all in one package.

 What makes these widgets unique is not only its elegant style, but also it is optimized approach in battery usage, and also it is easy to use.
 Through this package you will have access to
 ● Analog Clock, which is available in both Circle and Square shapes. This widget also shows the current day of the month. Also it display in 3 X 3 size.
 ● Digital Clock, will show the time and current date. Also it displays in 4 X 1 size.
 ● Battery Widget, it’s shown in two different sizes, the large one is in 4 X 1 size and small one in 2 X 1 size. This widget let you know the status of the battery via its shape and its color. When you plug in the charger, it will show you the progress of charging.
 ● Weather Widget, in its small size (4 X 1) will automatically detect your location, and based on that, display the current degree, minimum and maximum degree of the day and explain you the weather condition. The large size (4 X 2) will have the same functionality as the small one, and will display the weather condition of four next added days. If you need to update weather widget manually, you just touch the widget and in the opened window you can refresh it.
 ● Switch Widget, provides you a fast way to turn on/off some useful functionalities like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Screen Brightness, Silent mode and Auto Rotation, also is available in 4 X 1 size.
 ● Composed Widget, it’s made by composing Weather, Date & time and Battery widget. If you need to update weather widget manually, you can touch the weather part and in the opened window you can refresh it.
 Minimum Requirement
 ● Android OS 2.1 +
 ● 500 MHz + CPU
 ● MDI Screen
 Recently added:
 -Option to showing degree in Celsius or Fahrenheit
 -Option to showing time in 12/24 format
 -Auto Refresh mode for forecast
 -Refresh Interval for forecast
 -New look for weather screen
 -New Composed widget (Time + date + weather)
 -More weather icons to show exact result
 - Please check the “Use wireless networks” in your device “Settings/Location and security” to improve location-finding functions
 - Please after installing the new version remove the widgets from the screen and then add them again.
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