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ICS /JB Task Manager /Switcher v1.0 Apk Full App

ICS /JB Task Manager /Switcher v1.0
ICS /JB Task Manager /Switcher v1.0
Requirements: 2.0 and up
Overview: Main Features :

 Main Features :
 • ICS/JB task manger look-like User Interface
 • Swipe to kill app
 • Click to switch to app
 • ScreenShot for apps (rooted only)
 • Shake to kill all
 • Kill all Widget
 • Super kill (rooted only)
 • White list
 • Auto-Start
 • Status bar notification
 • Long click on search button shortcut (home button soon)
 • Dock for quick access to favorites apps
 • Many customizations
 • First run tutorial for discovering the app and choosing your default configuration
 • More to come after updates

 Detailed description :
 [ICS/JB like UI, with swipe to kill and click to switch]
 This is the first task manager and switcher (available in any android version) that really look like the TM in Android V4, ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) and JB(Jelly Bean). The UI show the list of running apps, with name, icon and screenshot if available. And you can swipe an app to left or right to kill it, or click to switch to it. Other functions are available with long click on app.
 Running applications will be presented with their screeshots for easier access. This features requires the phone to be rooted. For non rooted phones or for applications not yet open (to allow to take screenshot), an alternative icon will be shown.
 You can change screenshot frequency from settings to reduce consumption, and also screenshot size. When a taken screenshot does not suit you, you can long click on the app and remove it. It will be retaken later. (If you find that your screenshots are red tinted, try changing the fix color setting)
 [Kill all]
 You can enable shake to kill in settings to close all applications by shaking the phone (when TM is open). You can also enable a kill all button in the UI. A refresh button is also available.
 These buttons are customizables (transparency, size, position …)
 A kill all widget is also available so you can place the shortcut in your home screen for quick access (the widget is made as an application shortcut to optimize battery consumtion)
 [Super Kill]
 This is the first task with real super kill feature. Some applications or music player will not be killed with the normal kill. Use this feature to force kill them. You can acces it by long clicking on an app. (need root)
 [White list]
 You can add some applications to a white list so they will not be visible as a killable application or be killed with kill all. You can add an app to the list by long clicking on it and choosing white list or you can manage them from settings.
 [Quick acces and Auto-Start]
 You can choose to auto start the task manager service after each reboot of the phone.
 You can quick acces the task manager from notification in the status bar or by long clicking the physical search button of your phone (a home button shortcut will be available soon)
 [Favorites dock]
 You can place your favorites and most used apps in a dock for easy acces. You can add an app to dock after long click, or you can manage them from settings. You can also customize the dock’s size.
 Browse settings to discover all customizations availables. More will be added later, like App Themes.

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