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Money Lover Plus v3.7.8 Apk full App

Money Lover Plus v3.7.8
Money Lover Plus v3.7.8
Requirements: Android v2.2+
Overview: Money Lover is a simple way to manage your personal finances.
 This application helps you budget and track your spending.

 Money Lover is a simple way to manage your personal finances.
 This application helps you budget and track your spending. Add financial details like income from salaries, winnings, or sales, and enter your expenses from dating to travel. Money lover acts like a financial calendar, alerts you to debts, and reminds you of transactions. Add customized categories for income or expenses.

 Operates in English, Vietnamese, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, and Lithunian. Works with over 45 types of currencies, from dinars to yen. Backup and restore your data. f000h

 Please do not move the application to the sd card if you want to use the widgets (general limitation of the Android operating system)!

 If anyone can help with translating to other languages or giving valuable feedback, don’t hesitate to email me via:

 Q: How to delete account/transaction/balance etc?
 A: Tap in the list to bring up popup menu

 Q: Why I dont see widget?
 A: You can go setting move app from SD card to phone

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 Recent changes:
 - Add Turkish language
 - Upgrade Csv Export
 - Fix some bugs

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 Note: all plus features available. no license needed.
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